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Use of the website is conditioned upon your acceptance of the terms, conditions and notices contained herein as such. Therefore, the use of this website will be deemed as your agreement to all terms, notices and conditions contained in this agreement. Therefore, the terms of use detailed below will constitute the agreement that will be in effect when using this website. You can use this website only on the condition that you have agreed to all the terms appearing on it with the intention and knowledge that they will oblige you in everything.

The use of the website is intended for adults over the age of 18. Before you make any use of this website, you are requested to read this agreement carefully. If you do not agree or wish to be bound by this Agreement, please do not use the Site.

The company reserves the right to change the regulations of the website from time to time, add to it or subtract from it at any time at its sole discretion and without the need to provide any prior notice. The sole and full responsibility for knowing the conditions below and for using the site according to these conditions applies at all times to the user only.

Making purchases on the website

The use of the website is solely for personal and non-commercial purposes

All prices on the site appear on the products and are indicated in new shekels. Prices include VAT.

This site is only for the purpose of purchases for personal use. Almaz Jewelry Manufacturing reserves the right not to honor and/or cancel orders and/or purchases which or at its discretion were made for commercial purposes, including retail sales or sales to any third parties and will take all legal means available to it against anyone who violates its rights.

The images appearing on the product pages are for illustration purposes only. The site does its best to ensure that the information presented on the site is the most complete and accurate information, but it will be clarified that in good faith inaccuracies or errors may appear in it and the site will not bear any responsibility arising from this. or related to them.

Availability of products – jewelry offered for sale on the site will be provided provided that they are in stock at the time of placing the order. If the ordered product is not in stock, we produce the order you placed in our factory between 14-21 business days.

In exceptional cases where after receiving the confirmation of the order it will not be possible to deliver the ordered jewelry, our representatives will contact you and offer you an alternative or other solution or another offer or the cancellation of the original order.

Almaz Jewelry Manufacturing Company can at any time stop marketing any of the items offered by it on the website, even without giving notice or warning in advance, and you users of the website will not have any claims and/or demands. / or claim in this regard.

“Almaz Jewelry Jewelry” reserves the right to change, at any time, the prices of the items and/or services displayed on the website, even without prior notice. The price you will be charged is the one indicated on the website when making the purchase. Buying through the website is possible using credit cards only.

Making the purchase through the website is conditional on receiving approval as required from the credit company.

If the ordered item is out of stock or the credit company has not approved the charge, the user will be sent an appropriate message, the credit card will not be charged and our company will be exempt from supplying the ordered product, without the user having any claim against us in this regard.

Jewelry warranty

We give a lifetime warranty certificate for cleaning (once a year).

We will be happy to change the size of the ring you purchased up to three months from the moment of purchase
(size change of 2 European sizes). At the end of three months and/or if it is a change of
Above 2 European sizes, you can get a quote as needed.
For your information, there are models that cannot be resized and it is the customer’s responsibility to check the possibility
This is before purchase.

Warranty on diamond setting (up to size 2 points.) will be given free of charge for 12 months from the moment of purchase.

There is no warranty for breaks or tears, scratches caused by unreasonable use of the product. In case of breakage, it can be repaired after receiving a price quote for the repair.


We undertake not to make use of the details of users registered on the website except for the purpose of carrying out the transactions, as stated in these regulations, and for the purpose of distributing the company’s marketing/advertising material.

privacy protection

Protecting your privacy is important to us at “Almaz Jewelry Manufacturing”, we do our best to protect the integrity of the information received on this site and keep it confidential. Information is sound

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